Devine Healers

Welcome to Devine Healers

Welcome in the name of love and light. My name is Angie Angel and I am a reincarnated version of the Goddess Hathor.

I was born on Christmas day and I live for world peace and healing.

Welcome to my world of upliftment and healing may my light enter your heart and all those that you hold dear blessed be.

My background and training has enabled me to grow : one as a women,  two as a priestess and three as the opening to the Goddess Hathor as well as the universe of goddess' that are with us.

It has been a painful experience as well as liberating, as I have dealt with pain and suffering with my family structure, environment and fear in general.

Combating my fears was the first step to my liberation.

Quin ying (Goddess of Compassion) as well as Buddha, Tibetan chants and prays help me to leave the past behind and this in turn helps me forgive all the painful experiences I have encountered.

My prey on forgiveness


I forgive my self completely.


I forgive my anger.


I forgive my heart.


I forgive all those who have trespassed against me.


Forgive my first love for hurting me.


I forgive my mother and my father for not been around when I was vulnerable.


I forgive myself for not believing in me.